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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 9, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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the fair education act from 2012 requires history and social study books to include the contributions. today, new information about the guns used in a mass shooting inside that texas church. we will meet a group of volunteers making sure all veterans get the owners they deserve. we will speak with a decorated navy seal in the bay area for a special veterans day event. time to turn it up at at&t ballpark. from the dead and company, metallica and dave matthews band they will all be playing. welcome to the 9:00 our. -- hour. this is a massive event.
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everyone putting this together quickly and what is even better is that the fire victims, the heroes and first responders will be in the first rose on the field. even introducing the band. it will start at 6:00. the involvement of the north bay at at&t ballpark will be powerful. >> i saw metallica right there about one year ago. what a show. >> even if you can't stay up late you can watch online and donate.>> the bay area is coming together. rain or shine. we had a lot of rain this morning well, pockets of rain but hopefully it is clearing out and it will bill -- be dry. >> we will have some cloud coverage with the chance of an isolated shower but for the most part the main action should be moving out. right around 60 degrees
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dropping down to the 50s eventually. it looks like it will be a wonderful event. the weather for the most part should cooperate. rainfall is pretty hefty for the coastal hills. into the sonoma county coastline over three inches. santa rosa picking up over one inch. napa at .80, san rafael .77. san jose only .02 but we will be adding to those totals. on the radar you can pick out the main front headed out to the sierra. snow levels are up above 8000 feet in most spots. we had some are parts -- in south lake tahoe. we have lingering rain from san rafael to vallejo. we will be near american canyon very soon. not as much coverage for san francisco but we have coverage near the santa cruz mountains
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and near san jose. this has been developing for the past hour or so. the current numbers are in the upper 50s to the 60s across the area. forecast model not too generous with the rainfall but we do have a chance of a shower especially for the morning. we could be tracking more showers late tonight into early friday. this is your friday morning commute and then by 5:00 we still have more rain. it is not widespread or heavy but there are scattered showers rolling through. highs today will be in the 60s. saturday will be dry with the next chance of a shower in the north bay sunday afternoon. things are looking pretty good but keep that unbridled on standby for today. the latest rain shows the possibility for problems -- people who lost their homes in
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the wildfires to deal with additional problems. one man saw this as an opportunity to help his family by supplying straw barriers to help keep the ground in place and absorb toxins. >> we have lived here for five years. we did not meet many neighbors but i have met most of them now. it is great. this should make the community stronger. >> this man was surprised to find fire crews managed to pull a few items out of his house and save them including artwork even a ring belonging to his mother. as we mentioned we have some big names tonight performing at at&t park to raise money for victims of the north bay fires. alex savidge is live in san francisco with more on the concert. >> reporter: good morning. there are tickets available for the big show tonight here at at&t park.
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the "band together bay area" benefit concert will be raising money for the victims of the north bay fires. the show kicks off at 6:00. the stage is set up at at&t park and this will obviously benefit those who lost their homes in the fires. the concert will feature performances by metallica, dave matthews and tim reynolds will be performing along with dead and company. also punk rock band rancid will be here as well. also taking the stage will be g- eazy and raphael saadiq. 100% of ticket sales will be  going to the tipping point emergency relief fund which will specifically help low income communities hit hardest by the fires. a lot of people we are talking to tell us they are going to the show tonight and they are eager to help out their neighbors. >> i think it is awesome.
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it seems like everybody that is claimed is from the area. that is really good for them to step up and put on the show and give the proceeds.>> it is huge. metallica. what else can you say? i have never seen them in concert so i am excited.>> are you ready to rock? >> yes i am. >> it should be a fun show and some of the best seats in the house have been donated to firefighters, first responders, volunteers and also to families who lost their homes in the north bay fires. they will have the best seats in the house for the show tonight. if you cannot make it here for the benefit concert you can stream it live on youtube and twitter. there are other easy ways to
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make online donations to a worthy cause. the show starts at 6:00. it is all set up at at&t park for the "band together bay area" benefit concert. there will be a lot of talented artists. everyone is coming together and stepping up to benefit those who need the help. to follow up on this, we have put information on how to donate on just search "band together bay area" uber is matching trip payers up to $50,000. all proceeds will go to the tipping point emergency relief fund. all other public transit will have regular schedules. there is a new 24 hour emergency hotline available to undocumented immigrants in sonoma and napa counties who need help dealing with federal immigration authorities. it is called the rapid response network and it will provide
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support to immigrants who are targeted by ice. if someone calls the number a legal observer will be sent to observe the operation and document the actions of the agents. the hotline will be staffed 24 hours a day. there is the number on your screen. california public utilities commission will be meeting today and looking at requesting to waive a rule for applicants affected by the fires. under the current rule customers needing gas and electricity would have to pay the cost of installation. due to the extraordinary nature of the fires there has been a temporary wave -- waiver to the rule. instead they would record the cost of service and later seek recovery of the cost. if approved the waiver would expire december 31 of next year. we're looking ahead to saturday on veterans day where
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we recognize those who have served the country. >> are many veterans the desire to serve remains long after their duty ends. >> claudine wong looks at how some people are making sure they are getting the tribute they deserve. >> it is in the heartbreak that the loved ones of our country's veterans will serve their nation. the law mandates eligible veterans can receive military funeral honors but members of a nonprofit known as the united states volunteers will tell you that sometimes the demand is too high.>> when my father passed away i had trouble getting anybody. the only person that did honors for my father was a nephew of mine and his wife who were prior military. they folded the flag and we had a radio playing. after that it
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was like this is something that i can do to help honor other people.>> the volunteers was formed after one of its founding members had a similar experience at the funeral of a friend who served in the vietnam war. >> there were nobody there to do honors. in fact, it was kind of insult to injury because they pushed a button and some electronic bugle came out and that was it. he was so upset he said not on my watch. that is kind of the battle cry of the volunteers. he called a bunch of his buddies and said do you fit in your uniform? do you have on? >> they did and the volunteers was formed. named after the voluntary cavalry unit started by teddy roosevelt in the spanish- american war. >> i am one of the original
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members. we were doing it as a small group of people. the reason that i do it is to honor my fellow comrades. both male and female. >> the need for volunteers is great and you do not need to be a veteran but many members have served.>> i retired in 2007 from the army national guard after 26 1/2 years. >> i retired with 27 years of commissioned service. >> the group is considered a volunteer service organization. it is recognized as the honor guard and is authorized by the department of defense to render military honors. the commander says they just want to help.>> the mission has stayed the same but the manpower has increased especially with those returning
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from iraq. if the guard shows up or the air force or the navy comes to do their job and they are short we will augment them with firing detail or with a flag holder if necessary. we also have chaplains that can do the services. i have done services as a chaplain and for active-duty marines.>> while a consider it a privilege to help they say it is not just a commitment of time. volunteers pay their own expenses, purchase their own equipment, and they pay for their own travel. they do this because they will tell you that veterans deserve this final show of gratitude. >> it does not matter if there is one person or know people. i have done services where it was just the funeral director. we do it as if there are 1000
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people, we don't care. it is for the person who died. i feel that their spirit is with us.>> they do it for them and their loved ones. >> it is very rewarding. the families are very appreciated. we have a great group of guys. >> from these veterans to fellow veterans, it is a final tribute to show deep gratitude to those who in times of war and defeat have faithfully defended the country. >> it is the last things they will remember about their loved ones. i would want my family to remember something good about me. >> claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. >> this saturday join claudine wong for a special, bay area people. it will air at 6:30 am on ktvu. events are being held with
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more plans for veterans day. we will be live with a retired navy seal. >> we also have an update on the deadly shooting of a 17- year-old near his high school. we will tell you the suspects who have been identified.
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tracking a big slide on the stocks. the dow jones down more than 200 points losing 1%. over on the s&p and nasdaq losses of more than 1% dropping 82 points. the senate version of the tax reform plan will be revealed today. the senate will include seven tax brackets instead of four in the house bill. it would also eliminate, instead of limiting the deduction for state and local taxes. suburban voters won't like that. >> so we say to the republican
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friends on this tax bill as clint eastwood said, do you want to pass this tax bill? make our day. >> we can cut taxes so they will feel it and we can repair broken healthcare systems. >> some political analysts say since there are no senate seats for republicans in those areas where the tax deduction is popular republicans are not worried about voter backlash or eliminating the deduction. president trump is wrapping up his visit to china. the final event was a state dinner. president trump and the chinese president offered toasts. in their meeting they talked about the north korean nuclear threat and president trump urged china to put more pressure on the north korean government.
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they also discussed trade. president trump said it is a one-sided imbalance between the us and china but he does not blame them.>> who can blame a country for taking advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens? i give them great credit. >> the president blamed past ministrations for letting the trade deficit grow. the next up will be vietnam where he is expected to meet with vladimir putin. police identified two suspects after this week's deadly shooting of lawrence johnson. authorities say that 20-year- old kristhiam uceda will be charged with murder and 18- year-old bryan sermeno- chachagua has been accused of hiding the gun after the shooting. the other suspects are juveniles. a memorial has been set up near olympic continuation high school. he was shot and killed by a passenger in the black sedan
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that pulled up near the campus after class went out monday. investigators are trying to determine a motive. a $25,000 reward is being offered that leads to the capture of two escaped inmates who ran away from the palo alto courthouse. tramel mcclough and john bivens escaped from a bailiff and ran out the side door. they were facing charges of robbery from february. they got away from the courthouse into a toyota camry. the later ditched the camry and got in a u-haul ban. two people have been arrested accusing of helping them escape. next, lead concerns at oakland schools. the expensive testing being done and starting today. he is the author about life as a navy seal. we will talk with tom shea.
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tom shea is a retired senior chief who served 23 years as a navy seal. during his time he served in three wars including a team in afghanistan in 2009. >> is also the author of unbreakable the new book. he will be speaking at a veterans day event today in livermore. and this morning we are lucky enough to have tom shea live in the studio. thank you for your service right off the top. we were talking at the break about the importance of failure. >> i came from a family who really embraced failure. they allowed me to do difficult things and then encouraged me to rebuild and i actually failed out of college the first time i tried. learning those lessons was awesome and i took those lessons into my leadership idea that i
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had in the community. >> i'm sure you didn't think it was awesome when it happened though. >> of course. >> what made you stick with this? >> i always wanted to be a warrior. after failing out of west point i said i want to try again. but i want to try harder. so i signed up for the navy seal program and i didn't even know how to swim. i just wanted to do it because i thought it was what i needed to do. i ended up in afghanistan in 2009.>> when i think of military people like yourself especially successful people i think of discipline. is that a big part of being where you are today? all these people who do this are very disciplined. >> i think so. this community is a different level. it is more responsibility. i wouldn't put them in the same hat but i know why people say
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that. there is so much to do in the navy seal program on a daily basis that you have to come every morning sharpening your knife, so to speak and you have to live at that level. to the outside it looks like discipline but there is so much to do every day. >> when you are in battle and all help is breaking loose. i have always been curious about what happens like what goes through your mind and what carries you in certain situations? >> i think it is everything. you mentioned the book title. the original book title was spartan woman because i wanted my kids. i rode this book to my kids. i did not anticipate anybody would ever read it. but i wanted my kids to know how strong a woman has to be to
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control an out-of-control man. without that i think that men flounder. to me family is everything but i think the woman sets the tone. >> so at certain times you thought about your wife. >> all the time. if things are not well at home the community will not allow you to operate in combat. if you're having conflict at home than you are gone. they will remove you because it is such a difficult environment. if there is any distraction you could end up getting somebody killed. >> many people characterize the treatment of veterans as either , in daily life or out on the streets or by the administration as shameful. we will hear stories about people dying before getting into the doctor. have you characterize the help that is needed to help those that are not doing well? >> there are four types of
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veterans. the people who are in combat. the ones who never saw combat and in the families of the people in service and then the people who chose not to be in service. they are actually affected by war in the same way. the problem is that everybody needs to understand, you need to figure this out as a community. is not the veterans having a problem, it is the whole community with a problem. the actual combat veterans are a small minority of people. it is a system of human beings trying to figure out a problem and i have never been treated poorly ever. i am sure people have and i am not denying, but i see this as a system problem. people have made an ever -- error.
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it is a series of solutions that need to be found. it is an american issue. >> i'm curious, the bowe bergdahl story and not really -- receiving a prison sentence, what is your thought? >> we try to rescue him twice. i don't know what was behind that. it was a sentence equal to what was put on the table. should he have received more tax i am not in a position to say that. i would have gone to rescue him whether he was bad or good. you don't get the choice. it is an american citizen that made an error but you have to do the work. whatever happens later is somebody else's decision. everyone who went to rescue him, they would have done it regardless. you don't go because you like
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the people you have to do it. >> tom, thank you. we put up more information about his book and the events on you can also find the book on the ktvu mobile app. thank you for your service and have a great event. coming up next, another free-speech controversy at a bay area college campus. the upcoming appearance from a political speaker that is causing debate. also, the latest on the texas church shooting.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. we are learning the pastor of the texas church that was the site of the mass shooting plans to demolish the building. the pastor said it would be too painful to continue using the church as a place of worship.
9:31 am
they hope to turn the site into a memorial for the 26 people killed last sunday. as lauren blanchard reports the mass shooting has prompted other churches to consider providing security. >> the mourning process continues in texas after the deadliest mass shooting at a place of worship in american history. as police put together more information about the gunman area churches are turning to law enforcement and other security experts concerned about the safety of their parishioners and fearing a copycat shooter. >> if you have no plan or no way to be able to tell people what to do and how to do it there will be more lives lost. >> there is new information about the gunman, devin patrick kelley. he reportedly bought two of the weapons at a sporting goods store in colorado springs in
9:32 am
2014 and 2015. the news left the ownership to his stomach and claims there was no way he could have known about his violent past. >> he did not buy a lot of stuff and he did not stand out. >> kelley passed a background check because the air force failed to report him to the fbi after a bad conduct discharge stemming from an assault on his wife and stepson. lawmakers in washington are asking how the air force dropped the ball. >> this was a breakdown of the system. background checks are not perfect.>> the pentagon is conducting a could -- department wide investigation to find out why kelley was not reported and to make sure others don't slip to the cracks. lauren blanchard, foxnews. mike pence joined greg abbott at a memorial service for the victims of the shooting.
9:33 am
he told families america is praying for them and he also met with survivors in the hospital. he spoke with first responders including the two men who chased down the gunman as he sped away from the church. >> i am just glad not to be one of those poor families. that is one of those things. we saw it but they are living it forever now.>> the vice president told community leaders there are more than 100 fbi agents investigating the shooting and apple has offered to help unlock the cell phone owned by the gunman but so far officials have not asked for help. >> this offer to cooperate is the opposite of the stands apple took in the aftermath of the san bernardino shooting in 2015. >> in that situation apple refused to unlock the phone and
9:34 am
the fbi had to hire a third- party. so the question of the day is should tech companies be required to cooperate with law enforcement and unlock cell phones. you can see 56% say yes, 44% say no.>> one person says of course it is for public safety. i am not asking that they do it for every crime but to prevent furthering the tax or suspects co-conspirators. >> another viewer says never, planting evidence is already easy why not just hired their own hackers for after they have been proven guilty. >> another viewer says smart phones can be used to commit the crime, if it is part of it then yes. >> another response says not required but maybe have an app that is preloaded. thank you for talking to us on twitter. this poll will be on all day
9:35 am
long. an emotional night as the country music association paid tribute to victims of the las vegas shooting. seven-time grammy award winner carrie underwood was singing softly and tenderly in memory of people in the country music industry who died. that is when they showed a montage of the 58 people were killed at the route 91 harvest festival va in las vegas. gas. >> >> [ singing ] >> carrie underwood was overcome by emotion and could not finish the song. a memorial is growing for a 17-year-old high school senior killed in a crash in east san
9:36 am
jose. candles and pictures have been placed at the scene of the crash. it happened before 7:00 on south white road. according to the mercury news he was driving with a friend when his car lost control and crashed. a female passenger from piedmont hills high school was seriously injured. the crash is under investigation. 1000 people are expected at nativity church for the funerals of andrew gonzales, and matthew cruise. the friends died in san mateo county on halloween night in a car crash. they hit a tree and wait 50 feet down an embankment. they were explorers with the menlo park fire protection district. the highway patrol is trying to determine the cause of the crash. for more on our other headlines let's get to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories. a deadly crash in san rafael last night involving a big rig
9:37 am
on highway 11 leaves one person dead. it happened at 10:00 pm near north san pedro road. a big rig burst into flames after slamming into the center divide blocking both lanes. we don't know the name of the person who died. the lanes reopened when the alert was canceled. caltrans will be out repairing the damaged center divide. is a new scam targeting fire victims. a santa rosa man whose house was destroyed in the wildfires received a phone call yesterday from someone offering a government grant that said the money would go through western union. the caller asked for financial information, social security numbers and bank account numbers. the epa says they only contact people about picking up hazardous waste. fema has received complaints about scammers posing as fema representatives who try to collect personal information.
9:38 am
starting today the oakland unified school district will be testing tap water at schools for signs of lead. they will be examining faucets and water fastens as part of a testing of all california schools for lead. the open district started testing water three months ago. their testing did not find lead in the water of oakland schools. three san jose townhomes were damaged in an early morning fire at a townhome on blossom hill road. the fire department posted photos showing how badly the building was damaged. nine adults, as well as three children escaped safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. those are your morning headlines, back to you guys at the desk. attorneys representing josi garcia zarate will not call him to the stand to testify.
9:39 am
the defense expects to wrap up the case today with closing arguments set for monday. the defense is trying to show the shooting of kate stanley was an accident. a firearms expert yesterday was called to the stand. he told jurors because he did not have firearms training or a motive to kill steinle and there was only a single gunshot and the ricochet, the shooting was likely unintentional.>> under the law, an accident is a complete defense to criminal charge. if there is reasonable doubt that a crime was committed and this was accidental than he would be acquitted. >> the defense argues police interrogators coursed garcia zarate to convince two things that were not true for testing he was only five feet away from stanley when the video -- gut went off. prosecutors say that he pointed the gun pulled the trigger and
9:40 am
through the gun in the water. they say his actions were malicious and intentional. free-speech debates are ongoing at berkeley and now it is happening at stanford. the newest debate is over a controversial conservative commentator. two groups the stanford college republicans and the young americans foundation set up an appearance by robert spencer. he founded the stop islamization of america. the speech will be featuring the radicals of islam. the associated student of stanford university which helps fund campus organizations is spending $6000 for the visit. >> obviously we have seen the student senate debate if they should fund the event. ultimately they chose yes. also, they are condemning his ideology. >> the younger america foundation is doing a lot to balance out the ideologically
9:41 am
by bringing in conservative speakers. i think schools should be having the foundation is willing to extend resources to make the event happen. >> this follows recent protesting at cal that turned violent. three teenagers arrested after a police chase in oakland could be behind other shootings. the chase from tuesday started when officers tried to pull over a silver mercedes. it ended when the mercedes crashed into one car, ran a red light and crashed into another car on lakeshore avenue. one of the suspects jumped out of the mercedes and was hit by a passing vehicle. some guns are being tested by police to see if they are connected to other shootings. the san francisco mayor hopes cutting down on bureaucracy will save lives. the mayor will be ordering transportation officials to create a rapid response team. numbers will go to the crash site where someone was hit and
9:42 am
killed by a car. the response team will investigate and analyze what safety precautions can be made. this response team addresses a policy that dates back two decades and was intended to save the city money and avoid endless construction. local agencies planning construction within a five-year period must coordinate first but the process may have actually slow down street safety projects. coming up next, new additions to the toy hall of fame. coming up, the classics that are now on the list. a high school principal taking extracurricular activity to a whole new level. more on the performance that has gone viral.
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there are new details about the deadly plane crash that killed former baseball star roy halladay. video moments before the plane crashed tuesday into the gulf of mexico. this video shows the plane going up and down over the gulf waters. there was no mayday call and halladay was flying alone. several lgbt organizations will make recommendations to the board of education about history and social studies textbooks. they will urge the board to reject two textbooks that ignore contributions of lgbt people. but recommend approving 10 other textbooks that are inclusive. the california fair education act from 2012 requires history and social studies textbooks to include the contributions of
9:46 am
these americans. a new art display over the skies of san francisco commemorating harvey milk. 40 years ago this week he became the first openly gate official in san francisco. o. >> hope will never be silent. in neon lights it beams on a building. it is a quote from harvey milk. 40 years ago on november 8 on november 8, 1977 he became california's first openly gay elected official. >> my friend, my boss, my mentor. >> this woman was the campaign manager for milk. he laid the groundwork in the fight for equal rights. >> harvey would be so thrilled
9:47 am
about marriage equality being here to stay. so many of his friends that are still here are loving married relationships. we have made huge progress in the last 40 years. >> an art installation also debuted on this night it was difficult to see because of the cloud coverage. led lights beamed into the night sky to form a rainbow halo. the works were created by a nonprofit that is responsible for the light show on the bay bridge. >> from where we are to now where we are in the future it is about celebrating where we are. >> the gathering on the 20th anniversary of the rainbow flag installation. supervisors worked with the late artist gilbert baker to show the symbol of inclusion here on november 8 here on november 8, 1997. >> at the end of the day we win
9:48 am
with love. >> along with the rainbow flag this will be a permanent installation. >> having his float forever, it will inspire generations to come.>> the artwork is part of the redesign of harvey milk plaza. it is a place of solace strength and home to protest and resistance. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> social media is falling in love with a florida principal who was dancing up a storm with her students. >> that is donna reynolds as she leads her students and a pep rally. she joined the dance team. this video was posted to facebook and now has 3 million views. reynolds is a former dance teacher. she says don't be afraid and
9:49 am
search for imaginative ways to reach those young minds. >> i think a lot of people want to see kids excited about stuff doing positive things so if they can see principles doing it with the kids then it will make them feel good. >> she has learned to poke fun at herself. she says it is okay to laugh at yourself because the ultimate goal is to connect with students and create a positive learning atmosphere. a new feature with tinder is helping to boost membership. the feature is included in the premium plan called tinder gold. the $10 subscription plan was unveiled in august allowing customers to see they are matched with when they open the app which saves time because you don't have to swipe. there have been reported over
9:50 am
476,000 paying members. coming up next, san diego state university will be in the market for a new mascot. coming up next, the steps taken to replace the aztec.
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san diego state university is considering getting ready -- rid of its mascot the aztec warrior. r.
9:53 am
there is a nonbinding resolution advising the school president to change the mascot. supporters say the longtime aztec is demeaning but opponents say the resolution is political correctness going too far. a plan by the oakland a's to building new ballpark is a hit with voters. the poll was released yesterday by the chamber of commerce showing voter support a new ballpark near laney college. 62% are in favor, 31% are opposed, 7% had no opinion. the plan has received lukewarm support from city hall. the mayor libby schaaf says she is excited that they are staying in oakland but she told us recently she is concerned the ballpark could displace residents in the area. the golden state warriors beat the timberwolves last night. now they had a five-game
9:54 am
winning streak. >> with a running start and the right-hand hammer. >> minnesota fell into a deep hole after the warriors scored 44 points in the third quarter. klay thompson had 28, steph curry had 22 and nick young had 12 points off the bench. the bench came on strong late in the game. the warriors ended up blowing out the timberwolves. kevin durant sat out with an injured five. -- thigh. >> the san jose sharks lost last night even though they
9:55 am
scored just seconds into the game. the sharks will play again saturday hosting the vancouver canucks. christmas is starting to pop up across the bay area. you can meet santa at the sun valley mall in concord starting today. the theme this year is santa's flight academy. children will become members of the flight crew before meeting with santa claus. can too much christmas music be bad for you? a new study finds listening to holiday music over and over again can trigger a negative response in the brain. it can be draining for retail workers who have to hear the stuff everyday. plenteous stations are getting into the spirit already by playing christmas music already. it is more than just fun and games, three toys have been named to the hall of fame.
9:56 am
the good old wiffleball. the backyard baseball game that began in 1953. i remember taking duct tape and wrapping it around the back. there is also the popular board game clue where players try to solve the murder mystery and then there is the most simple toy ever, the paper airplane. these items beat out nine other finalists. organizers say to make it in the hall of fame the toys must inspire creativity for generations. other toys include a jump rope and a dollhouse. >> i used to play with the paper airplanes for hours. >> powerhouse is littered with paper airplanes of every size and shape. you could make it with this. i love it. >> the wiffleball is just a bat
9:57 am
and a ball it is great. we are going to welcome him a toy insider sharing the popular toys for the upcoming holiday season and we will tell you about some old favorites. i have seen a lot of what i play with on the shelf. thank you so much for joining us today. it is rainy today. we will see you back here at noon. w there was attress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box.
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everything you want in a bed, in a box. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ say it like you mean it feel it baby feel it ♪ now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: ta-da! thanks for watching! say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. [ applause ] how you doin? i'm still in my pajamas, which is great. it's time for hot topics. [ applause ]


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